Family: A Tree that’s Growing or Dying?


As a society, we have moral conducts within our community, country, & home. But are we truly fulfilling these conducts especially in the place where our young ones are growing? Are we truly taking care of our bonds within our family? Are we setting good examples for future generations? Or are we indifferent & apathetic to the hearts & minds of our sons, daughters, sisters, & brothers? Are we negligent & irresponsible as individuals to the needs of our families? For if we’ve truly nurtured the tree, then why are there broken families?


Parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, & other blood related folks, or should I say “name” related individuals. WE all have them. SOME we DESPISE, OTHERS we ADMIRE, & a FEW, well I guess we simply DON’T CARE. For the more “lucky” side of things, some have surreal events under their own roof. They’re ecstatic, jovial, & blissful, in short they’re one big happy family. For others, it is the total opposite.  They’re in a hell hole, a living vicious, abhorrent, & repugnant nightmare, in short they’re one huge depressed family. But wait, maybe the word depressed is an understatement. Perhaps the word miserable, indifferent, apathetic, disastrous, fit in much better. But in this lifetime it is known in the more common form of sobriquet as “Broken Family”. I did not create that term nor have I thought it up, but everywhere I look, I see a growing number of its victims. A paradigm of increment events that’s spiraling out of control, exacerbating the dilemma, I’m afraid to say it might all be going down the drain.


I hear more cries of grief & pain. I hear more complains of fathers & mothers divorcing each other, separating for their own selfish ideas with no regards for the fruit of their once warm & caring love, their child. I hear more pleas, begging vociferously & boisterously that they do not continue their planned dichotomy. I see every single day the different results, the facets of such thoughtless actions by some of the parents who separate, leaving an eternal scar on the child that’ll heal but will never go away.


I see my troubled generation indulging themselves with amoral acts to lessen the pain of their bleeding hearts, resorting to unscrupulous bidding such as drugs, alcohol, sex, so called “brotherhoods”, & all other hideous & horrible acts. We often misunderstand them as delinquents, but what we don’t see is that they are simply building up their own world of magic ’cause their real life is tragic,  looking for their own utopia, something that was deprived to them as a child.


Is this what it all comes down to? The word & meaning of “FAMILY” as a defunct & archaic patriarchal crone? Should we allow that to happen? Certainly not! WE must hold steadfast & promulgate the idea of an enamored & elated family all around the globe & not immure it! WE should stick together, not only for the kids, but also for ourselves! For WE are going to set an example for the latter.


A family must not be broken & shattered. For at the end of the day, it will be our family & its members who will be there for us when we no longer have no one to lean on. A family must be united & must be undivided. A family must be bound, not only in blood, but also in trust, respect, & love for one another. So go ahead & prove to the world that blood & bond is indeed thicker than water!


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