Plans: Which is better, plan everything perfectly or plan to be surprised?

Now I know that most of us right now are constantly talking about things that are “cool” “hip” “swag” ” rad” (I could go on forever with the terms) & everything “new” that happens under the sun. So I thought I’d deviate from the norm (as I always do) & I came up with a topic so boring (when it comes to the cool stuff) but is of the utmost interest when it comes to your life: PLANS. So ladies & gentlemen, sit down, relax & please read my thoughts about plans. Enjoy! 😀

I remember back when I was in high school, the thought of college was pretty intense. Teachers would ask students “What’s your plan after high school? Are you planning on going to college? What course will you be taking?”. Now a lot of my friends at the time, specifically the ones who were getting a lot of grades, have already prepared their answers like: “Me? I plan to take up Political Science”. Wow! Now that right there is a course! Some just say “Oh me? I’ll take the easy road. I’ll simply take up HRM (Hotel & Restaurant Management). Easy labor.” That’s a very common course here in my country (Philippines), almost everyone takes it up after high school. Other courses that are common too are Marine (Engineering, Nautical), IT (Information Technology) or probably the most popular common course, Nursing. But there are some whose answers are out of complete bewilderment “Huh? I don’t know what I’ll take up. Maybe I won’t go to college.” or some would say “Pfft! I’m not going to college! I’m gonna get a job, save my salary & start my own business!”.

Look closely at those statements & tell me what do you see? Those are plans for the future, but the question is, when you ask people what their plan is, most of the time, do you think they know what they’re talking about? Apply that same question to high school students. If you ask them what their plan for the future is, do you think they know what they’re talking about? Most of the time the answer is NO. Yet why do they state such grandiose, banal, bewildered & daring answers? It’s simple: They were asked a question & they simply answered in return. Period. They don’t know what will happen next, they haven’t considered what might change & what roadblocks lie ahead, they haven’t thought it out & basically, they weren’t given any time to think about it. When you bombard people with a lot questions, especially the ones that matter the most, I’m not talking about science, math, statistics, etc. I’m talking about the matter about life, what will happen to you, what lies ahead, are you ready, etc. it confuses them & closes their minds to the possibilities. It’s like being attacked relentlessly, you get rattled & you no longer know what to TRULY do.

But then all of us would be like “That’s psychobabble! Of course people know what they’re talking about when they plan something, because a plan is a measurement & preparation for success.” Though I do agree that is right in it’s nature, but then again I pose the question, how many people have gone through many years of planning only to see that their plan didn’t work? How many people got depressed, gave up on their career, committed suicide, etc. just because their plan didn’t work? Unfortunately too many & I couldn’t say I blame them. For everyone, no one in exception, if they see their “Perfect” plan go to ruins by one single & simple factor that they missed, each & everyone of us would plunge into depression. That’s reality. The pain of being WRONG is so heavy that it shackles us, it cripples us, it makes us submit into the most devious word ever created: FAILURE.

Truth be told, I am no scientist, pathologist, psychologist, philosopher, or any of those awesome titles. I am merely a simple citizen working the best I can to deliver something relevant. In fact, as I am writing this, I didn’t conduct any form of research. I simply went out with my gut & wrote this for everyone to read with the basis of only my experiences & observations (it’s part of the deviation). So you may consider this as psychobabble, but then again the question above remains: How many “perfect” plans have failed & resulted in misery & torment? I believe in planning & preparation, I am firm believer of it. The Latin word “Amat Victoria Curam” which means Victory Loves Preparation, is one of my favorite lifes ever. But ironically, life isn’t about planning, life is more about “on-the-spot” or in other words impromptu. Most of my days in school & in my work I have experienced impromptu situations. I plan my hardest only to realize that my plan wouldn’t work & I am left to deal with the situation immediately, with no form of plan, no form of preparation, just plain old wits, grits & guts. With that in mind, I thought to myself: Which would be better? To plan perfectly for life or to plan to be surprised?

I began to realize that it’s better to plan to be surprised. If some of you have seen the movie Dan in Real Life starring Steve Carell, you’ll understand what I mean. Dan was a person who had lost his wife, he was left with 3 beautiful daughters & being a father, he was protective with his princesses. He had a lot of rules & he was so guarded that his daughters ended up misunderstanding him & now there was a barrier. But there was one thing he didn’t plan, he fell in love with a woman who he met at a bookstore who is COINCIDENTALLY the girlfriend of his brother. So he had to hide his feelings & resort to the same plan-centered life he had. But then more things happened that didn’t go as PLANNED. In the end he had to be honest to himself & to his daughters. In the end he let go of all of his plans & he just let everything flow freely & in conclusion, he married the girl & they lived happily ever after. I’m not gonna into detail about the movie since this isn’t a movie review, but just grasp the concept of the last part. He left everything to flow freely. When you let things flow freely, you become more flexible, more adept. It makes you not worry about your plan since you let go of your clench for that illusion that things will happen the way YOU WANT THEM. That’s not life. When you let things flow & when you plan to be surprise, your inviting excitement, challenge, joy & happiness in your life with which is the opposite when you plan “perfectly”, you invite anxiety, worry, grief, sadness, because you are TOO FOCUSED ON WORRYING IF THINGS WILL BE PERFECT! That’s not life. That’s just not it. Life is full of surprises. Life is not about waiting & predicting when the storm will come & pass, life is about learning how to dance in the rain.

To end, we all have the right to have plans & we all should make plans. But before making a plan, always take in consideration that there are things out of your control. Inexplicable phenomenons that shouldn’t happen (at least in your PLAN) but they are going to happen regardless. Life is full of unexpected things, so we should all plan to be surprised.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed & if you did please follow & like. Also, let me hear what you think about this post. Thanks a bunch guys! Keep safe & stay awesome! 🙂 😀


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