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Help: Genuine or Not?

As the black hand of catastrophe reached out, crushing & devouring, to it’s full potential, the recent typhoon (Haiyan) devastated some places in my country (Philippines) & in a blink of an eye slayed thousands, leaving others with no home, the (slow) process of handing out the relief goods to the affected citizens, the mourns of people who lost their loved ones & homes, the macabre sight of dead bodies, the nauseating death toll, the sickening participation of innocent children among the numbers of those who died. In the aftermath, Philippines was left in darkness, – in poplar – crippled by fear.

But a midst the chaos & pandemonium caused by the cataclysmic phenomena, there are bold people, from the Philippines & other countries, who stretched out their generous hands & wholeheartedly gave aid & assistance. In the contrary, there are also some who have made opportunities in the commotion. Opportunities to glorify themselves, stretching out false-hearted help all in an effort so that they would look as though charitable but their motives are selfish.

“You know what happened right? Instead of using your money to buy that new gadget or spend it on Starbucks, why not donate it?”. “While we are having fun, there are people in need.”. Comments that (though they might mean good) make me regurgitate. These comments, don’t they deprive other people the simple joys in life? Since when did self-reproach became the “proper etiquette” in encouraging people to help? Since when did making other people feel remorse became soliciting for help? Is it not better to say “Dude, we’re free tomorrow so let’s volunteer. Let’s make people smile though we might never personally see their cheeks light up in joy, let’s do it anyway!”? What happens when you instill remorse instead of optimism? You rid everyone of their free will! For I firmly believe that help stemming from guilt is not genuine, it is an act of coercion. Since when did money became an issue in giving aid? If someone wants to enjoy his hard-earned reward let him! You are not entitled to tell that person how he should spend it. It is his, not yours. Since when did invading other peoples thoughts, time & money soliciting? Aren’t you adding wood to the fire? Think before you say or act!

Since when did bragging became help? I have read hundreds upon thousands of people saying “I’ve helped, I’ve aided” to the whole world. Does the world really need to know? Is it not enough for you to solely know that you’ve helped? Since when did we require “likes” & “comments” or “tweets” to feel that we have given out “genuine” assistance? What the duck people! Seriously, is there a need to “post” or “shout-out” your oh so “wholeheartedly” given help? You are acting the way the Pharisees acted in the Bible! You hypocrites!

Nothing can be farther from the truth. It is just & righteous to help the needy, especially those affected by calamities. But if your helping to hallucinate people in an image of yourself where you are “helping out” then that is a complete & utter pile of bovine droppings. Genuine help need not be publicized. Genuine aid need not fame nor prestige or glamour. Genuine aid delights in the serenity that cannot be found in popularity. It can only be found in the person’s heart. In the smiles of those who you have helped without cameras. In the moments when no one is watching & you simply acted out in pure generosity. Only in the invisible moments, where you are satisfied, knowing that you are a part of the few, genuine & unsung heroes.

It pains & saddens me that some people have made the terrible tragedy a trending. Just another past time. Just another way to look “cool” & “productive”. Key phrase: “Just another way to look”. Helping is good, charity is good, but there is thin line between genuine & false. The problem is, as a society, we only see with our eyes & not with our hearts. We have been conditioned to view illusions as reality. We trust our eyes vanity, not our hearts clarity.


One thought on “Help: Genuine or Not?

  1. An excellent and thought provoking post – and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Nobody should tell what others should. And nobody should take advantage of other’s grief and disasters. Be genuine and don’t brag about it. The world surely doesn’t need more righteous people.

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