Thoughts: Writing things that are inside my head

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to write something up again. I’ve been very busy in dealing with my life right now, a lot of bumpy roads have appeared from left to right & honestly, I feel pressured like a thanks giving turkey in an oven.

I am really confused right now as to what should I do. There are a lot of options but then again, when there a lot of options then that simply means that there would be a lot of consequences too. I am having a very hard time on deciding what I should do & on what should I focus on.

I pray everyday that God will help me & guide, but some days are just like avalanches, they’re too much for me to bear. Right now, the thoughts that are in my head are about the turmoils of my family & about the life that I lead. It’s been a very sickening ride with my family, it’s a really f*cked up parents.

I know that a lot of you right now may not care as to what I am going through & I completely understand, each of us have to deal with the different cards that life has given us, but then again please also understand that I am writing this solely to share my experience & the things I am going through right now, though I will never be able to fully disambiguate every minuscule details but also please understand that what I feel right now is something that words cannot express.

To those who read this without fail & without judgement, I thank you so much for taking the time. Though I know that what I’m writing right now may not be in relation to any kind of topic, I still thank all of you for always being there to read what I write, it is truly an honor & I am very delighted to have all of you.


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