Blogging, Poetry

Are you really a mother?

Mother mother, what are you doing?

Why are you dividing the family & slicing it like it’s butter?

Why are you putting everyone’s mind into bother?

Why are you dividing us? My sister & brother.

What do you want to do?

What is your plan?

What is your goal?

What is your aim?

I cannot understand what runs through your mind.

It’s like you want all of us to fall behind.

Instead of healing the situation, you’re adding wood to the fire.

Might as well just pour gas on all of us & simultaneously light up a lighter.

For years you’ve been gone,

For years we’ve been alone.

Now that you’re here, instead of make up for the time lost

You’re reincarnating the past wounds of hurt, grief & agony, that old familiar Christmas Ghost.

Why mother are you doing this?

Why are you making us turn our backs even more?

Why are you tearing us apart?

What is it truly you desire in your heart?

Are you truly a mother?

When you left all of us with a messed up father?

Are you truly a mother?

Why aren’t you happy that your son got married?

Are you truly a mother?

When you are destroying what’s left of an already ruined family?


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