Blogging, Poetry


You try your best to relate.

You stay, even though it’s late.

They give you something

“Free” you needn’t pay anything.


You accept it gladly.

You go along ’cause you like their company.

You consider them as friends.

You show them who you are, without pretense.


You laugh when it’s funny,

You sympathize when it’s gloomy,

You listen when it’s serious,

Your best understanding, you use.


But when you showed them your art,

You felt crushed in every part.

“I’ll read it later” he said

“I don’t know how to read” he said.


Your friends, can’t even respect your creation.

They dismiss it like it’s an abomination.

They can’t appreciate the effort.

They can’t comprehend your creations worth.


But don’t worry, they’re just “somebody”.

They’re not “friends”, just “buddy”.


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