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Do You Have What it Takes?

What should I do?

Should I write a poem that’s not true?

Should I write a poem that has a mixture of fantasy & mystery?

Of tragedy & history?

Or should I write a poem about me?

About the never ending thoughts & stories that circles in my head regardless if it’s goofy?

Perhaps I should write it in the way Shakespeare wrote his poems.

Copying his style & every detail, making sure there is nothing wrong.

But at the end of the day, would that creation be mine?

Won’t it turn out to be his? In a sick & twisted way which is sublime?

For if I do that wouldn’t I be simply copying?

Wouldn’t I be simply borrowing? Wouldn’t I be stealing?

For Shakespeare was an epic poet,

Well renowned even though he has passed away to the goblet.

But would that be a sufficient reason for me to copy his style?

Won’t it be unfair to myself & my own artistic guile?

For if this is truly my passion & my art,

Shouldn’t I be able to create something that will differentiate & make me unique at heart?

For everyone is different, we have several ways to express ourselves.

We have different characteristics on our self-imposed shelves.

For the problem I see, is the lack of originality.

Style confused artists, claiming something is their’s originally.

But they know they are lying to themselves because they are well aware that it is only mimicry.

Just another form of illusory thievery.

For our world today is conquered by fear

Over run by critics, nay-sayers, oppressors, bullies, people that tell you “You don’t belong here!”.

& that’s why you copy what is safe.

Because you are afraid! That’s why you stay in a little box which is “Generically Safe”.

Well let me tell you something,

You’re never gonna amount to anything.

For those who have succeeded had the courage to be different!

They had the courage to be themselves, regardless if people were being indifferent!

How about you? Do you have the courage to reach for your dreams?

Do you have the courage to be yourself? & bathe in the spotlight of successful beams?


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