What is Life all About?

They say that “Life is not about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself”. But I beg to differ. I believe that life is about finding yourself, your real self, the “true” you. Life is about discovering who you are deep down to the core. It’s not about becoming who life made you to be. It’s not about succumbing to the experiences, the trials, the mistakes, the ups & downs, it’s not about molding yourself into what life wants you to be, it’s the exact opposite. It’s about molding life into who you are, in other words, it’s about you & to simply live as yourself, you simply have to be you. Take for example the following: A person who thinks life is harsh, he/she has to adjust to life, follow rules & dogmas, listen to those who judge them; a person who thinks life has more to offer, he/she does not adjust to life, they live it! They don’t follow rules & dogmas, they create their own which corresponds to who they are! They don’t listen to people who judge them, they take note of it but they give a deaf ear to it because they know they have their own plans about their own life!

Now, I leave you to be the judge as to which would you prefer. Life is about being positive, faithful & loving. The Bible said: “Let the meek say I am strong & let the poor say I am rich”. See? It is God himself who says “Be Positive!” because God understood & knew that if you say something enough times, it will eventually come true. God knew the effect of thoughts & that you are what you think. If you think you are weak, without any sickness you’ll suddenly become ill or you will be easily discouraged to the adversities you’re facing. If you think you are poor, without warning you will be lazy, you will lose everything you have, you will be a derelict.

Life is about the thoughts you put in yourself. Let’s apply the saying “Life is about creating yourself”. Let’s say that you’re poor, you’re unlucky, you’re being used & abused, your down on your knees begging for a break, you’re thoughts are negative, life has given you all the bad apples it has to offer & what do you get? Well, I leave the math to you. You see, life is harsh, that’s why they call it “Harsh Reality”. If you accept life as it is, if you submit to it, you become mediocre & that is the subliminal to the saying “Life is about creating yourself”. For how can you create yourself when life is bombarding you with atomic bombs of depressions? Biological toxic gases of misfortunes? Apocalyptic grief? Yet how can you create yourself when you already have yourself? Isn’t that absurd? Creating you when you already have you? Pssh!

You want to know who you are? Well let me tell you who you are! You are strong, you are positive, you are enthusiastic, you are beautiful, amazing, extravagant, unique & extraordinary! You are above average! That’s who you are! A fighter, willing to go 30 rounds ’til daybreak & in reward, gaining the respect of God! God didn’t create weaklings, no! God made everything with purpose & let me tell you what your purpose is, your purpose is to glorify God by living your life & not your life living you! Life is not about surrendering, it’s about finding that inner fire, not creating it, but finding it within yourself! You use that fire to strengthen yourself, to fortify yourself along with a prayer. You want to know how to find it? Start living your life in the light of positivity & not in the shadows of negativity!


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