Blogging, Poetry


What is a family?

Is it about having an abundance in wealth?

Or is it about watching over each other’s health?

Or is it about sharing things heartily?


But what about it is the big deal?

Why do I always keep coming back on this topic like a malfunctioning gramophone wheel?

To be honest, it’s because I never had a family.


I never had people to share with even if I didn’t have anything.

I never had people to share my wealth with.

Not even a person keeping watch over my health.

Not even a person to spend my time heartily.


I guess I’ve become too emotional,

I’ve even lost the rhymes in this poem.

It’s like my head is swimming in foam.


Constantly bombarded

With incendiaries of problems

Springing up left to right like a Death cap Mushroom.


With the additional pain of having no family.

Having no one to share in times of my sober misery,

That’s why I used to resort to drunken fantasies.


But I’m not like that anymore

I’m no longer an alcohol whore.

I no longer want to drown myself in the momentary relief of nausea from a liquor store.


I now try my best to live my life to the fullest.

Because I still have people that want to see my best.

Even if they’re not my family,

They’re still better than the rest.


For they gave me what I was searching for.

They gave me the love & shelter that I need

That I could never ever grasp from my family.


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