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It’s kinda hard to live in another family’s house.

It’s okay if you were renting a room in it but if you’re living as a member, it’s hard.

They have rules which you are not used to.

They have laws you can’t disobey.


Well I can clearly understand that ’cause I’m living here without pay.

So what I need to do is to adjust & take heed.

Even if it’s hard for me, I still gotta do that to ensure peace.


I’ve never focused on pleasing people,

I simply let them think what they’d like to think,

But right not that doesn’t seem to be the case,

Because right now I’m living here & that’s better than sleeping in an empty parking lot space.


So I gotta adjust, I gotta abide.

I’m not shy or anything, there’s also nothing I’m trying to hide,

But because I live here I am their responsibility.

If anything happens to me they’ll be the ones questioned by the authority.


But I also need space & some time alone.

I’ve never truly been comfortable sitting in someone else’s throne.

So I have to adjust, I have to abide.

Until I find my own shelter, a place I can relax & free my mind.


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