Blogging, Poetry

I Want to Play a Game

I have some questions,

Answer it in any way.

Don’t worry, it’s simple.

It’s a test to see if you know.

But on one condition, I shall begin.

Because this can really make you win.

Not money, not fame

But a life without shame.

Now isn’t that better? So let’s play the game!


But before we begin, the condition is this:

Be honest to yourself,

As transparent as you can be.

Are you ready?

No, I think you’re not.

You’re just curious.

You’re so anxious that you look like a boiling pot.

Now cool your horses.

Jeez, no need to know what the fuss is.

Just sit back & relax,

Clear your mind from the anticipation of “what is this?”.


Now I think you’re ready.

So I shall now start.

A series of questions you should answer by heart.

No need to shout, no need to scream.

The prize isn’t even your favorite ice cream.

Keep your answers to yourselves.

‘Cause this is nothing more than a quiz,

That you should consider to delve.


It’s not plenty,

Just a questionnaire from 1 to 20.

Without further a due,

I’ll start on your cue.

1. Have you dealt with your past?

2. Do you wish your youth would last?

3. Do you pretend to be someone else?

4. Have you cleaned the skeletons in your closet?

5. Do you cut yourself because of depression or for attention?

6. Do you wish you were someone else?

7. Do you hate or love yourself?

8. Do you make self imposed excuses to run away from your duties?

9. Have you confronted yourself about your mistakes?

10. When was the last time you’ve said “A bad move, I’ve made”?

11. When was the last time you said sorry to yourself?

12. Does it matter what people say?

13. When was the last time you did something you love?

14. Do you show yourself you love “YOU” enough?

15. Do you make excuses to cover the pain?

16. Do you admit to yourself you’re hurt?

17. Are you your own worst enemy?

18. Are you afraid of rejection that’s why you wear a mask?

19. Have you done things you don’t even like but you did it for attention?

20. Do you know the person staring back at the mirror?


In the end, are you being honest to yourself?

Game over or good end?


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