To My Friends & Loved Ones

I really can’t consider you as a competition.
It’s because of our friendly relation.
I can listen seriously if you had a long day,
I can laugh with you when you’re being joyful in the fray,
I can delve in that dry & dead leaf you call a heart when you’re in grief

& I can sit silently beside you while your tears flood up those miserable relief.
I can be there for you in times most dire.
I can be by your side when you think suicide is the only answer.
I can stop you from jumping off that bridge as you crave for oblivion.
I can stop you from pulling the trigger & make you realize that it’s a wrong decision.

I can be there when the world raise an arm against you.
I can be your only ally when everyone you know is attacking you.
I can raise my sword & rip apart the hearts of those who are threatening you.
I can be your family when you need someone who won’t leave you.
I will drink wine from the bosom & get drunk with you when you’re feeling blue.

But I can never be your enemy, that’s too much for me.
I may get mad at times but never eternally angry.
I can never hold a grudge against you, never will that happen.
It’s too much for my heart to carry, it’s too much of a burden.

If you consider me as a competition that’s fine & I can understand.
But I can never be your competitor, I can never raise a heavy hand.


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