The Necktie or the Heart?

In the everyday life that we have, considering that it’s very hectic at times, do we still stop & say to ourselves “Aren’t I missing something?” Now be honest, do you still ask that to yourself? Or do you simply put on your uniform for work, gulp down your coffee then run off to the “production floor” while having a toasted bread hanging from your mouth? Did you notice that you have been moulded into a stagnant robot doing the same old routine? Or did you simply shrug that reality off your shoulders because you didn’t want to lose your job, your salary, your car, your credit card & all those fancy things that captivate your eyes? Did you notice that you have forgotten your dream because of your fear that you will lose money? So you stick at what seems to be convenient which is: find a job, work & do the same nauseating routine over & over again? Didn’t think it was that serious did you? Well it is! So it’s time for you to sit back & ponder, “Is my job truly worth it? Or are my dreams more important?”


Over the years, the human civilization has climbed up the evolutionary ladder in a very dramatic way. We started out as brutes, wielding clubs & living in caves into geniuses who mastered the periodic table of elements, discovered fire & erected gigantic buildings, created cyberspace, cured diseases & a whole bunch of other things which are amazing, astonishing & outstanding. WE are the most intellectual beings on earth, but why can’t we follow our dreams? If we are intelligent life forms capable of doing things that defy reality itself, why can’t we make our dreams come true?


It has always been a question running deep inside my mind. I am reminded of the Wright brothers & how they defied reality by achieving something which I believe was bigger than their dreams, it was creating the very first airplane. WOW! I’m also reminded of Nikolai Tesla, the man who tamed electricity so we could harness its power to light up our streets, our homes & our lives by making it easier with the help of electrical technology. Another WOW! How were these guys able to defy reality & make their dreams come true when, not to mention, they only had a handful of resources at their time compared to our time in the present?


So why is it that some of us can’t or to be blunt, won’t make our individual dreams come true? In my opinion, it’s not simply a lack of courage but it is a lack of will. With will follows courage & without will, we all lose our interest in something, especially in our dreams. Why do we lack the will? I think it’s because of our selves. Why? Because we listen to our negativity much more than to listen & follow what our souls scream for. What if I fail? What if I do not succeed? We have a lot of “what if” when what we should be focusing on is “do”. We simply need to focus on the word “do”. The by product of “what if” are: should’ve, could’ve, would’ve which are words of procrastination & regret. “Should’ve done this. Could’ve done that. Would’ve done it.” Get the picture?

“Do” on the other hand is an action word that implies motion which leads to different results depending on what is being acted. It gives direct results & does not linger on actions you “didn’t do”. We lack action. We simply like to sit around & think we’ve done something when in reality we simply burned our butts off doing nothing.


            I have a friend who is an excellent painter & would one day love to apply his skills, not only unto a mere cloth of canvas, but unto a human skin. When he & I spoke of our individual dreams, he would then express himself by saying “You know what Ian, the day will come when I will be able to paint my heart out unto a live canvas.” He’s not rich, his family’s source of income simply comes from a small eatery that they have. But he never let his dream die down & now, he has his own mini tattoo shop & though he does not have a lot of customers every day, the honour of simply putting your dream into motion is a big, if not, colossal step.


            Another reason for this is the “FEAR” that all of us have. We easily get discourage at what other people say. In reality, society hasn’t changed much in the past thousands of years. Why? For we still have nay-sayers, mockers & critiques. We can’t blame society for not being able to achieve our dreams. Why? Because everyone whoever made their dreams come true were once considered as village idiots, mentally impaired & psychos. They were laughed at, scoffed, ignored & mocked but did they let that stop them? Did they let the fear of rejection cripple them? History speaks for itself. For if they were hindered by the things they went through, we wouldn’t have scientists, inventors, philosophers, hall-of-famers, heroes & a whole lot of people with innovative minds who are responsible for the luxury that we are experiencing today.


            Take me for example; recently I was working for a call centre company. The pay was more than generous, but I couldn’t go on with it forever because it was not my dream nor my passion & I’m the kind of person who will never be satisfied until I make my dreams come true. So I quit my job & now I am applying for jobs which enables me to do what I love: WRITING! I didn’t let the fear of losing my job cripple me because I knew if I let it get me, I would go down to nothing. Besides, C.S. Lewis once said “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” I may have left my job, but I know that God has something better in store for me ahead than what I have left behind.




One more reason is the lack of practice. Each & every one of us has things that we all love to do. We all have a certain activity or hobby which makes us forget the time in the process of doing it & it brings a smile to our grumpy faces every single time we do it. But the question is do we still allocate time to do it despite our busy lives? Or do we also forget about it & no longer use it, leaving it to rust & dwindle? Are we making our jobs as excuses for our lost passions?


Now I know I may sound bias or too idealistic & you may ask “What about the people whose dreams are their jobs?” or “Why aren’t you encouraging people to love their jobs?” My answer for the first question would be: good for you! I’m happy for you that you are putting your dream into motion! Keep it up! My answer for the second question would be: In my opinion, if you teach or force yourself to love your job you become dependent to it. You end up forgetting your dream because you’ll then be too focused on the salary & all the wonderful things & items you can buy using the money your job offers which is, in my honest opinion, a little bit shallow.


            The importance of making your dreams come true is not only for fame, wealth or prestige; it’s much bigger than that. Making your dreams come true is finding the place where you belong. It’s finding the place to leave your mark, your imprint. It’s about satiating your soul & using the gift God bestowed upon you to help & reach out to other people. But more importantly, to make God smile because he sees you becoming who he made you to be.


            Let’s put it this way, when you get old or when you have a family & a son or daughter, wouldn’t you like to encourage him/her to “Go for it! Do what your old man did!” or would you simply let them see your everyday monotonous process which has visibly no motivation? Would you like for them to follow the norm & be stuck at something they do not love? We should teach our young ones to follow their dreams. We should also follow our dreams because we should all keep in mind that one day our life will flash before our eyes. We should make sure that it’s worth watching. Wouldn’t you want to see your life in a big screen & be proud?


           Doing your passion is realizing your purpose for this world. It’s answering the life-long question we all have: “Why am I here? What am I here for?” Living your passion or the mere act of putting your dreams into motion is the end of our pursuit for happiness; it is the beginning of our living in happiness. It is the fulfilment of glorifying our God the father. For I repeat, it makes God smile to see that you are becoming who you are meant to be. So I ask you, which is more important to you: what your soul screams for or dependability for safety? Whichever you choose, I encourage you to dream on & work on making that dream come true!


2 thoughts on “The Necktie or the Heart?

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful comment & trust me, you can expect that I won’t stop writing. It’s my way of living if I may say so. Thank you so much once again!

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