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New Age Gladiators



To the red! To the white!

Shouts of bets before the fight.

Fifty here! One hundred there!

Five hundred here! A thousand there!


Center stage, turn on the lights!

Open the gates, shouts of delight.

Two warriors enter the Colosseum.

Both of them prepared to see Elysium.


Both of them filled with blood lust.

Talons of steel, sharpened to no rust.

At the sight of each other, they leaped in anger.

But they were held back by the hands of their masters.


T’was not yet time for the slaughter to start.

Yet everyone waited eagerly at the pit of their hearts.

Preliminaries were made before the onslaught.

A clash of feathers, a peck from one & the other,

Ever maddening the two warrior’s tiny thought.


It was necessary to enrage them

So they’d hold nothing back.

At the ring of the bell, both fighters were released.

Both fighters leaped in the air slashing & pecking,

Aiming to make one another deceased.


Feathers fell to the ground.

The shouts of the spectators can be heard all around.

At the sight of blood from one fighter,

The audience shouted for the potential winner.


A final blow was delivered,

Slashing the neck, pouring out a thick blood that is dark red.

At the fall of one,

Praise for the warrior who won.

While for the one who died,

His fate is to be stewed or fried.


For the master who won,

He has money & a meal all in one.

For the master who lost,

He lost his money & his warrior he can no longer boast.


Everyone’s happy, except for the poor animals.

Who were engaged to kill each other for the entertainment of the beastly masses.

People more beast than man.

People more evil than Satan.


The shouts of joys are inhuman screams.

What kind of man rejoices in barbaric whims?

The ones who watch in delight in an animals instinct to kill,

Is more primitive than the Wild itself & more evil.


Cock fighting in the Philippines at its finest.

With a rule so simple, everyone can grasp it.

The winner takes it all.

The loser will stand small.


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