For my awesome audience! :D

Hi guys! How are y’all doing? I know, I know. I miss you guys too! 😀


I’d like to first of all apologize because it’s going to take me quite some time to write something new. My brain right now is fried (literally). I have three ideas running inside my mind simultaneously with regards to the kind of topic I’m going to write for my poem & at the same time article for my blog over here. I’m confused as to which of the ideas I should work on first so I ended up unable to work anything out because of my indecisiveness at what kind of topic I should go for first (I mean, they’re all such wonderful topics I can’t help but get confused at which to choose! D: ). But, don’t you guys worry because I’ll be able to conjure them up & once I’m done deciding as to which I should go for first, you’ll be able to read them over here & on my other blog as well so please just bear with me for the moment.


Also, an amazing thing happened as well. I kinda got depressed for the past few days because it seemed that I wasn’t having that much of luck in chasing my dreams which is to find a work which commits me to writing but suddenly the unexpected happened. Both of the companies that I applied for as a content writer sent me a message; one is saying that I have a job offer & the other is saying I have an interview & they’re both for tomorrow! I was just so happy I felt like I could leap through the roof! I’m so thankful for God for answering my prayers & right now I’m trying to decide which company I should choose to but, nevertheless, I’m exuberantly happy! Not because both companies want me, but because I’m slowly putting my dreams into motion which is the best success I’ve had so far! 😀


Another thing too is, one the best success I’ve had which had also made me very happy was the number of “likes” that I got when I posted my piece “The Necktie or the Heart?” on Harsh Reality/Opinionated Man’s blog which was, for me, astonishing because I got 29 likes! That was by far the largest number of likes that I got & I thank Harsh Reality/Opinionated Man for the opportunity for me to spread my piece so that more people can read it.


I know this post probably wouldn’t interest my awesome audience very much but hey, I’m sharing my happiness to all of you guys because I want to! ‘Cause I believe that you guys should get to know me a little bit better rather than simply liking my pieces.


Thank you so much for stopping by & reading this & also, give me a comment on how’s your day going over there. Whether it be happy, sad, frustrating, exciting, anything! Leave a comment on how’s your day going. Express it all out!


This has been Kregian, bye bye for now! 😀


One thought on “For my awesome audience! :D

  1. I too have a brain bubbling with things I just want to capture and share. I completely understand how you feel. Congratulations on your job offers – I hope the one you choose is awesome and just right for you. Well done – Wendy-Jane

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