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Magdalena, Magdalena.

What happened to thee?

Magdalena, Magdalena.

Is now full of frailty.


A princess to his father,

Now a harlot for another.

Slumber in the morning,

Arise in the evening.


Putting on facial colors.

A sight for everyone to adore.

Beautiful bird in a lustful cage,

Trapped in employment as a slut for all age.


I knew of Magdalena & of her beauty.

Pure & innocent, her allure was sorcery.

Necks would snap at the sight of m’lady.

Her smile could soften the heart of tyranny.


When she turned into a lady, my oh my.

Everyone was captivated, didn’t have to ask why.

She turned into a beautiful butterfly.

With wings so colorful, it made angels cry.


Now a slave to an industry

Built on pylons of fetishes & sexual fantasies.

Spreading her legs for brutes to enter,

Devastating her body & soul, exchanging money for pleasure.

She’d want to stop, yes she would.

But she’s in too deep, lost in the woods.


Magdalena, Magdalena.

What have they done to you?

You smell of saliva & semen,

Even being used by your own brethren.


You go home & wash yourself with ammonia.

As though it could wash away the bacteria.

The bacteria of things you’ve experienced,

The horrible happenings which has been instilled.


You were beautiful yet poor.

You needed money, so they turned you into a whore.

They defiled your innocence.

They corrupted your essence.


They threw you into a vile pit,

Into monstrosities you didn’t want to be with.

Is this what they call a humane society?

Throwing the needy into committing atrocity?


Doth be absurd!

Doth be killing the world!

Instead of aiming for salvation,

We’re jumping off to our damnation!


Magdalena, Magdalena.

Forgive thee,

The world is not responsible for your indignation.

It is us, man himself, who watched you fall to oblivion.


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