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A Safe and Natural Heating and Cooling System

We are now in a world where almost everything is spoon fed to us. Information, gadgets, inventions, we have everything to live an easy life. A life our predecessors saw only in their dreams.


To survive extreme conditions, varieties of items have sprung up. One is the invention of heating and cooling systems. They are available worldwide. In tropical countries, the freezing Poles, heating and cooling Grand Rapids.


It was invented to provide comfort. Like its brothers, it also has consequences. Buildings pay higher costs of energy every year. If the air conditioner is used by an automobile it consumes gas faster.


Thousands of carbon dioxide are pumped into the atmosphere every year caused by air conditioners. Though they are now using a safer cooling agent which depletes 95 percent less ozone. Millions of people all over the world use air conditioners at the same time. The 95 percent less may not change anything at the staggering rate of users.


Geothermal Technology is a more preferable way. It lessens emissions of carbon dioxide. It cuts the use of non renewable sources of energy. The system has a 50 year life span that does not need maintenance. There are no towers needed to cool it down. With that being said, this system is indeed ecologically friendly. However, the amount of expense is enormous.


With both having disadvantages, the basics would be a perfect plan. The basics would be to plant trees. Trees have the ability to give us a view unlike any other. They give out a relaxing and soothing ambiance. They provide shade on sunny days. They clean the air, which results in a healthier place to live in. When heavy rains occur, their roots keep the ground intact, which prevents soil erosion.


By natural processes, trees are natural air conditioners. Evaporation removes heat. A single tree has a cooling power equivalent to 10 room size air conditioners running at 20 hours a day.

Trees also remove potentially harmful gases, thus reducing global warming. They also reduce heating and cooling costs which decreases our dependence on oil and natural gases.


Trees are also living perfumes. Their flowers provide treats for our nose by the aroma they possess. They can also relieve our stress because of the calmness and tranquility they provide. They make the world a place worth living for. People love to play, relax or jog in places with trees. When people gather around in one place, it increases the interaction we have for each other.


Technology actually aims to improve lives. But it requires for our environment to perish. There are instances where it is preferred to use technology. But most of the time we should respect our environment. Technology frees us from a life of hardship, but it destroys our home. The luxuries it offers, all of which, will fade away. Our world, our planet, will not fade. If we continue the desecration of the environment, imagine what kind of home we would have. The environment it the only living legacy we can leave behind. It is best to leave behind a world worth living in.


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