In the Eyes of an Artist

What is our purpose in this world? A lot of people have been asking that question for centuries. Admittedly, I’ve been asking that question for quite some time now. I can’t seem to find my purpose or role in life. I have a burning passion & a very creative mind, which I express through writing. But I can’t find my home. What I mean by home is a place where pieces of my art belong. Where my talent belongs. Where my heart belongs. Why can’t I find it? What seems to be wrong? What the hell is missing? I’m filled with questions that no one can answer. People would simply say “Maybe it’s not meant for you” or something like “That’s not practical”. Well, I can’t blame them for saying such things & I respect their perspectives & point of view, but I honestly do not believe it is not meant for me. Writing has been in my system ever since I was a kid. It’s a part of me. It’s God’s gift for me. Maybe the reason why I can’t find my home is because I live in a third world country. A country which values practicality more than honesty & dignity. A country which is so practical that corruption runs amok in the streets, companies, & even in the senate & presidential offices. A country where culture is supposedly abundant but undermines poets, writers, novelists & literature itself. Maybe I was born in the wrong country. In the wrong geography. In the wrong mentality. ‘Cause if only we have competitions here to cater poets who simply want to share their pieces, I would have joined all of them. ‘Cause for a poet like me, nothing is more satisfying than to have people read and/or listen to my creations. Unfortunately, we have none of it over here in my country. We do have school presentations & competitions which offer debates, declamations, oratorical speeches, & theaters, all of which are amazing. But my heart’s calling is about poetry. Sadly, poetry here is like a dust being blown by the wind to oblivion. A dark & empty place which no one notices & appreciates. Artists, who are in the same field as I am, are left discombobulated. We feel ignored. As if none of us exists. As if we have contributed nothing & that we are meaningless. But don’t they know? That art is mankind’s trademark on Earth. Our greatest invention is not science or technology. It’s not skyscrapers, automobiles, weapons, or money. Art is our ¬†greatest invention. Everything that we have today began with an idea, an imagination, a concept. Art is the essence of all concepts. Art is an important form of expression. Art is a global equalizer. In art, no one is rich or poor, intelligent or mentally challenged, normal or abnormal. In art, everyone is equal & everyone has a unique creation to share. Art connects people in more ways than one. It connects us emotionally, visually, ideally, & spiritually. Art showcases a person’s true color. Art reveals the inner beauty & brilliance which is lying dormant within. Art is the way which God almighty, The Creator, Jehovah, Allah or The Holy Spirit bonds with us regardless of our religion. Art is the manifestation of the Almighty one we serve, love, & worship. I wish that people could see this truth. The truth that art is more important than money. Art should be given the attention it so deserves.


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