A Crime of Compassion


I remember the moment of your birth.

The moment of your delivery unto the Earth.

I remember the sound you made.

Those cute noises which make problems fade.

I remember the first time you opened your eyes.

It made my heart melt even though it’s cold as ice.

I remember the first tantrum you had.

You were so annoying, but I could never get mad.

I remember the moment when you first crawled.

I saw your efforts as you stumbled.

I saw you roll & fall down.

I wanted to help you, but you had to learn on your own.

I remember your first step.

I saw as you slowly walk & skip,

From left to right, you slowly learned.

Until the time came when you grasped how to leap.

You were fulfilling your purpose for God.

It was an honor, for I saw the beauty & love.

The love of the creator for creating you.

A creature capable of taking away our woes.

Then the time came for tragedy.

When your body was filled with agony.

A monster bit you by the neck,

He struck a vein which paralyzed your legs.

I saved you from a certain death,

But you were gasping for breath.

I sheltered you & made you rest,

I took care of you & I did my best.

As the days went by you regained your health.

But your legs were useless now,

Like a swordless sheath.

You can no longer walk or prowl.

I looked at you with pity,

Because you would scream my name for a potty.

You would call out my name when you are hungry.

I would then feed you with milk like a baby.

This scene went on for days,

I tried to persist in finding a way.

But I had no money so you could get a check up.

I had no money to know if you could still stand up.

I didn’t want you to be a vegetable.

I wanted you to be well & able!

But I know that is impossible.

For you were now a cripple.

I was sad beyond explanation.

Misery was the only existing emotion.

At a moment of desperation,

I had a morbid realization.

What if I end it all for you?

Would you want that too?

Would you rather fly in the sky?

Would you rather live with a sigh?

So I had to do what I thought was right.

I had to do it though it will keep me up all night.

Though I know it will haunt me for all of my days,

It would be alright, ’cause I’ll free you anyways.

So I held your neck & began to squeeze

The life out of you & into the breeze.

You kicked & squealed as you began to choke.

I squeezed tighter & tighter like a demented bloke.

Then there was silence in the air.

Everything was quiet like an eerie lair.

I held your body, lifeless & stiff.

I knew then I was a cruel thief.


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