Coalesced We Exist, Estranged We Collapse


What is happening here in middle earth?

We’re spiraling down like we have no worth.

Bad news is what I hear every day.

Making me want to run somewhere far away.

There would be shootings & bombings.

Body counts & death tolls fill newspaper headings.

Pictures & videos of violence & death

People VS people, aiming to stop each other’s breath.

There would be outbreaks of viruses.

Spreading bane & abhorrent diseases.

A wide grasp of a global epidemic,

Causing planetary anxiety similar to a pandemic.

There would be corruption all around.

Government burglars are now abundant & abound.

Drugs & prostitution are now publicly displayed.

These obscene things are alive causing only dismay.

We are filling the world with pain & desolation.

We are reaping our own self-induced annihilation.

If we do not stand & unite,

I fear all of us will stray away from the light.

So let’s go & be one!

Let us stand together & help everyone!

For if not, I might begin to believe my fear;

That hell is empty & all the devils are here.


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