A Glass Full of Irony


We live in the age of intelligence & reason.

Open-mindedness & respect are widely encouraged.

Racism & close-mindedness are globally discouraged.

But time is indeed full of treason;

In a millennia of advanced humans,

People have evolved & became more inhuman.

Advanced technology is what we have at hand.

A technology which maximizes our communicative bond.

We have the internet & cellphones at our disposal.

But despite these apparatuses in our arsenal,

It seems we’re getting farther away from unity.

In lieu of this demented reality,

I can’t help but ask:

Is the extinction of humanity our unconscious task?

Shouldn’t we take off our baneful masks?

Equipments were made to ease our work.

Cars & gadgets, even a spoon & a fork.

They were meant to alleviate the load,

While we travel life’s perilous road.

But their purpose has now changed,

A change which I find so deranged.

Now they are luxuries to die for!

Are we in a drunken stupor?

Don’t they eventually fade & wither?

Even diamonds disappear for nothing lasts forever.

Items are supposed to be used,

People are supposed to be loved.

But people are now being used,

& items are now being loved.

Irony is indeed a monstrous fiend,

Twisting the fabrics of our humane needs.

We aim to be good, we aim to be kind,

But we are locked in a nauseating bind;

A shackle of doing the bad things we resist.

Perhaps it’s because our inner demons persists.

Destruction for us may be innate,

Yet we are also spiritually compassionate.

Regardless of how bad we may be,

We strive to leave a mark of goodness & equality.

Despite the shortcomings of our being,

We consciously persevere to be a good human being.


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