It seems that I’ve forgotten,

The people who won’t leave me despite my attitude that’s rotten.

It seems that I’ve replace them with liquor & fun.

I’m not even minding their tears which weighs tons.

They’ve already cried billions of it.

That’s because I’ve forgotten of the dark pit.

Which I used to be in & they helped me out.

I let myself be blinded by the limelight route.

A route that leads to a living & a money.

A route which I thought would give life & make people happy.

It seems they’re more worried & anxious now.

Instead of giving them joy, I’m giving them a stressed out Tao.

Their auras are no longer positive.

Their minds are clouded with worry & the word “negative”.

I thought they’re just being paranoid,

I thought they’re just making me annoyed.

Yet after one talk with my life partner,

I realized I’m the one who’s becoming sour.

A person who treats people with negligence,

A person who treats people with indifference.

Making everyone a stranger,

Making everyone a spectre.

Unknown & invisible, I didn’t care.

Always saying “I’ll get home, I swear!”.

Then while my partner was scolding me,

I said to my mind “Here we go again Kreggy”.

But then her words sunk in,

Giving me an epiphany from within.

We then received a text message from my brother.

He said “I dreamed you were in a car & fell off a cliff with our father”.

I froze instantly on my ground,

I realized something for the first time around.

My partner & my brother worrying for me

& both of their worries couldn’t have been more timely.

I opened my eyes of how much I didn’t care.

I realized how much of a douche bag I was.

Then I made myself a poem & it was:

“I will never neglect the people who truly love me, I swear”.


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