Boogey Man


Baba Yaga beckons me.

Crippling & clawing my sanity.

Ever present & lying dormant inside.

Simply waiting for time to abide.

Baba Yaga stalks on me.

Making me cringe closer to insanity.

In the darkness, standing by the door,

Waiting patiently, like a suitor’s ardor.

Baba Yaga is now in front of me.

Staring at me, with eyes of atrocity.

In them, I see myself filled with hate.

I see past deeds which began to accumulate.

Accumulate the rage inside my being.

Fueling the fire that should’ve been doused from the beginning.

Now it burns & immolates all around,

Razing everything near me to the ground.

Baba Yaga now lives inside me.

Poisoning my mind with violence & cruelty.

Deranging what’s left of my tranquility.

Dementing the fabrics of my own reality.


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