Poetry, Racism, Religion

By the Goat is a Tree


When we were born,

Everything was dark.

We couldn’t see happiness or forlorn,

We couldn’t even see the tiniest spark.

When our eyes began to see,

We realized how beautiful colors could be.

We saw things our tiny minds can’t comprehend.

Curiosity was our master & there were no “dead end”.

The world was a huge playground.

Those were the times we enjoyed the merry-go-round.

We had buddies who were lesbian or gay.

It didn’t matter, everyone was a compadre.

We had friends who were black & white.

It didn’t matter, we played blissfully ’til night.

We had friends who were Muslims & Christians.

It didn’t matter, we laughed until our hearts shined.

The world was a paradise,

Where everyone took turns on rolling the dice.

This was a time where difference

Was not considered a hindrance.

Then one day, everything changed.

Everyone began to be estranged.

All the laughter & joy from the previous years,

All of them got replaced with tears.

Nowadays being different is dangerous.

“Distinct” is now a violent stimulus.

We gave skin colors a deadly meaning.

We made gender into a repulsive misunderstanding.

We turned religion into a tool of hate.

“Death to our enemies is an act of faith!”

We transformed the world from cruel to sadistic.

So much blood has been spilled the world is now an addict.

I hope we all realize,

There is a need to neutralize.

Neutralize & stop the seed of bigotry.

Before it materializes to an invincible tree.


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