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I Need Help!

HHi guys! It’s me again & I’m so sorry that I only update my blog so very often. You see what happened was I got a job for the past 6 months & that made me really busy. However I wasn’t cut out to be a regular employee for the company due to some educational background discrepancies. So right now I’m jobless but I am happy because I get to do what I want again which is to write poems! Unfortunately for me the computer that we’re using broke down (apparently the hard drive got fed up & decided not to work anymore) so I’m left with my phone to use to post my poems. See here’s the thing. I’m really comfortable when I search for pictures on Google which I believe would match the visuals on my poems which is hard if I’m using my phone because’s harder to use compared to a computer. lacks some functions that can be found on the computer & 3.i honestly prefer using a computer. With that being said, it doesn’t mean I can’t post my poems using my phone. I’m just concerned with the picture because I believe it would bring out more impact if there was a visual depiction. So let me know what you guys think if it’s better with picture or if it’s alright without picture or any other suggestion you could give me it would really mean a lot to me. Just leave a comment so I could read them & I’ll be looking forward for some suggestions. Take care guys & see you later alligators!  🙂


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