Chasing Dreams, Poetry, Questions about life, War, World Peace

The Million Dollar Question

"why are we here"

There’s always been a question in me.

When answered, it’ll help me face reality.

I’m sure it’s not just me with this question.

Everyone has it, from every country & nation.

I’ve always wondered why are we here?

Why are we trying to live so hard when one day we’ll disappear?

Only a few already have what they want,

While most of us will be striving like a mule & then pant.

Most of us will be chasing dreams we can’t grasp.

We’ll still aim for it, though we’re out of breath & we gasp.

A bigger question is: Why do we do our best in this place?

When misery is a guarantee & happiness is a phase?

I also wonder if there is an after life.

I wonder if there’s a world beyond this chaos & strife.

War is present around the world & in the Middle East.

Is it still possible to attain world peace?

These questions constantly pop in my head.

They make me toss & turn in my bed.

They make me question the life I’ve led.

& now I wonder: Am I better off dead?


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