Broken Hearted, Depression, Losing Someone, Poetry

We Could Have Had It All


Insomnia has a grip on me again.

Not because I’m bored,

But because of a brooding pain

I’ve always abhorred.

 It is the pain of loss.

That sickening gut wrenching feeling.

It’s like having a parasitic moss

Which sucks the life out of the living.

I love you & will always do.

I’m pretty sure you know it too.

But despite this fact you kept on attacking me boo.

Despite my efforts you persisted on making us blue.

You would start fights

That would go on all night.

You kept making mountains out of mole hills.

You made our love into a living hell.

All the talks that we had got wasted.

All our efforts to fix “us” got busted.

All because of your senseless jealousy.

All because of your unrequited insecurity.

I don’t blame you though,

 You probably did your best.

I know you also regret we’ve fallen down so low.

Your demons probably got the best of you I guess.

But I’ll tell you one thing,

It won’t be the thought of losing you

That’ll keep me tossing & turning.

It’ll be the thought of what could’ve been me & you

& how wonderful we could’ve been if you had faith in me too.


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