Making New Friends, Meeting Someone New, Poetry

When They Met (For a Friend)


Jack met Jill up the hill

Where they first saw each other.

Jill told Jack she didn’t feel well.

So Jack went down to fetch a pail of water.

When Jack came back Jill was crying.

Jack went near to wipe her tears.

“Stop that, stop your weeping.”

“Tell me what’s wrong, I lend to you my ears.”

Then they talked & talked & talked.

While they walked & walked & walked.

Then they laughed & laughed & laughed.

‘Til it was time to go home to their separate paths.

“Remember Jill, don’t be too hard on yourself.”

“Just take it easy & always love yourself.”

“I’m always here whenever you need me.”

They both said goodbye feeling ecstatic & bubbly.


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