Step Out & Stand Out

Lit light bulb amongs unlit incandescent bulbs

Often times, we don’t know what to do.

We often stumble & bruise our knees.

Sometimes, we even step on poo.

Uncertainty shrouds us like a swarm of bees.

They sting our skin

Creating so much pain.

A pain that leaves us with nothing to gain.

We all had dreams of honor & fame.

We all had dreams that we were on top of the game.

But we all backed down due to society.

We let it submit us to conformity.

Where our dreams are madness

& our hopes are delusions.

They drained our passionate juices.

They stole our life long ambitions.

Now, we work & become a slave for life.

We get married, have kids & a beautiful wife.

But when those kids become men or women,

What will you tell them then?

Will you tell them the same?

That studying hard & getting a job is not inane?

Or will you tell them to run

& chase their dreams & have fun.

Because life is too short

To live under “standards”.

Whether it be music, arts or sport

We should all shine like crystal shards.

Crystals that display their uniqueness.

Crystals that attract us because of their luminescence.

Crystals that are beacons which shine in the darkness.


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