Inspirational, Keeping Your Word, Poetry

Come Hell or High Water


Keep your word to the bitter end.

Stick to it & keep it all the way.

Don’t hesitate, don’t sway & bend.

Keep your promise every day.

Don’t abide to the common quote:

“Promises are made to be broken.”

Let them follow that ’cause they’re blokes.

Let them change their minds every now & then.

But don’t let it happen to you.

Don’t let procrastination get the best of you.

He is the main culprit for false promises.

The main suspect for tears & heartaches.

Show the world that you are different.

Show the world not all hope is lost,

‘Cause you are someone who is not indifferent.

Show the world a man of honor exist;

That someone is unique from most.

That someone is willing to break the habit & resist.

But most importantly,

Prove to yourself that you are one of a kind.

Prove to yourself that you are trustworthy.

Prove to yourself, you don’t leave your vows behind.


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