The Outrage of A Convict


I was standing in a court room

Where I had been deemed guilty.

I haven’t even been tried

Yet here I am standing with such profanity.

I have been sentenced before proven innocent.

I have been judged without any supporting evidence.

The guillotine has been dropped to my neck,

Without even having a background check.

‘Cause that’s what people do, to what they can’t understand.

They choose to close their minds due to fear.

They think that by doing so, they get the upper hand.

But it’s actually the recipe for misery & tear.

For a close mind instigates hate.

When people feel this, they’re bound to get irate.

For if we only embrace the things we know,

We will never get rid of our self-induced foe.

We will never get rid of misunderstandings.

We will never get rid of judgmental tendencies.

& if we do not put our discrepancies on a leash,

We will never achieve our desired peace.


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