arrogance, being judgmental, better than others, ego, Poetry

People’s Arrogance


I find it funny that people

Think they’re better than others.

It’s funny how they succumb to their ego’s call

& let it get the best of themselves.

They think that experience

Makes them have a better existence.

They think that what they’ve been through

Makes them superior due to what they know.

 They assume that they’ve learned wisdom.

They presume they’ve acquired understanding

Of the World’s clockwork & being

& that they can turn it into their kingdom.

 It’s a laughable content if you think about it.

‘Cause if they’ve really been enlightened,

Why do they have the nerve of undermining

A person just by looking at them?

 Where do they get the nerve to be judgmental?

Where do they get the audacity to discriminate

& see everyone else as mindless apes

Yet they see themselves to be someone special?

 I don’t think they’re neither edified nor regal.

‘Cause if they were, they’d know we are all equal.

They’d know we are beautiful & fragile with our emotion.

They’d know that what we need is love & appreciation.


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