broken family, parents fighting, Poetry, sad childhood

A Dysfunctional Love & Apathy


I heard shouts & loud noises downstairs.

I went down, only to see orange & pears

Scattered on the floor,

Along with broken plates & an open door.

They’ve been fighting again, I can tell.

From how my mother wailed

To our house looking like hell.

Yeah, talking calmly surely failed.

They’ve been like this for so long

That I can’t help but ask:

Isn’t fighting supposed to be wrong?

Yet why is it a part of their daily task?

Now I’m stuck with a question I can’t answer:

What is a family?

Is it about love & loyalty?

Or is it about hatred & fear?

Is it about fighting in front of your child?

Is it about pointing fingers on who’s right & wrong

& disregarding the little one all the while?

Or is it about leaving the kids alone?

Is it about your dad punching the table

So hard that it bore a hole?

While your mother is shouting like a fool

& you’re trembling, yet they don’t mind you at all?

Is it about finding out your dad had an affair

& all of you found out from a neighbor?

Is it about having a sister

That got so depressed she almost hanged her neck in the air?

I don’t know what is a family anymore.

With everything I’ve seen,

My parent’s quarrels, their fight scenes,

Maybe a family is dysfunctional after all.


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