Love & Catastrophe


They say that time heals.

It can heal any wound or any tear,

Any physical damage or emotional feels.

Time can cure it, as it spins its reels.

But I don’t believe in it, no I don’t.

‘Cause this pain of mine is different,

It struck a pivotal point.

It bashed a part of me that was important.

So sit back & listen,

To the tale I’m about to tell.

An anecdote that glistened,

But didn’t even very well.

A story that’s cliché,

But I still hope you’ll hark & stay.

I was driving down the road

With the treasure of my life.

I can’t recall much while I drove,

But I remember we were arguing that night.

I can’t comprehend how, I can’t grasp why,

But we were expectorating pernicious words,

Just so we could vilify

Each other like vicious wolves.

In the heat of the battle,

I lost focus on what I was doing.

I knew it was wrong to quarrel while driving,

But I was too enthralled by our psychobabble.

The next thing I knew, I lost control.

My tires shrilled & the steering wheel spun.

I tried to maneuver, but I knew we were done.

She was screaming in terror as we tumbled & fall.

It was the last thing I heard

Then what followed was total darkness.

I don’t know how long I lost consciousness,

But I somehow got back to our world.

Something warm engulfed my head.

It was blood, a dark hue of crimson red.

I was light-headed, but I had to find her.

Despite my injury, I needed to descry my lover.

When I found her, I was filled with grief.

I knew right away, her moment would be brief.

I hastened to her side & held her close.

She whispered to my ear, her dying prose.

“I ask of you a favor, a final request.

I am in agony right now,

I think my body wants to rest.

Grant me a final kiss before I die.

Kiss me, & I shall carry on my vow.

I shall be with you, though I bid goodbye.”

So I kissed her, gently & softly.

I kissed her with every drop of intimacy,

& then she faded to the cold abyss,

& with her, she carried our last kiss.


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