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Stay Back


I. Shouldn’t. Be loved.

That’s right everyone.

I should be left alone

And people should look at me with disgust.

Why? Oh, that’s simple:

I’ll just end up hurting you.

Yeah, I’ll imprint you with “boo-hoos”

‘Cause I’m the king of blues.

You’d want to stay away from me

And you’d want to put a lock around your heart.

‘Cause once you fall in love lady,

I’ll only rip your blood-pumping bosom apart.

I’ll give you the reasons to leave me be:

One: You’ll only be drowned with insecurity.

‘Cause I look at other women and I can appreciate their beauty.

You’ll only feel that you’re not the one who makes me happy.

Two: You’ll only feel like you’re not the ideal woman

And that I’ll later leave with someone.

Three: You’ll end being a paranoid and

A schizophrenic individual on the other hand.

Yeah, that’s right.

We’ll only end up in plight.

Everyday would be a ridiculous trite.

Four: We’re only going to have a 24/7 articulate fight.

Five: Your case will only worsen ’cause I got a lot of friends.

And I mean girls, who are a friend of mine

Or a new acquaintance introduced by someone else.

You’ll end up thinking I no longer have time.

Time for you and time for us.

When in reality, it’s always been about us.

I’d never cheat on you and never betray you.

I’d show you everyday that I mean it when I call you “Boo.”

But by now, that wouldn’t even matter.

‘Cause your doubts are probably better.

You’ll be focusing on it and this is reason number six,

You’ll forget we have a relationship to fix.

Seven: Despite my efforts to turn your frown upside down,

You won’t believe me and you’ll think that

I’m an evil back stabbing clown.

As if I didn’t do my best to keep you from drowning.

I’ve apologized my heart out and you still think that I’m lying.

Eight: In the end you’ll feel alone.

That’s probably ’cause I’ve left and I’ve gone.

‘Cause I probably couldn’t take it anymore.

The senseless fights,

The cold and lonely nights,

And I probably grew tired of sleeping on the floor.

I probably wouldn’t know what to say anymore,

Just so I could prove I was still on your side.

I probably became a person you despised.

I guess… it’s me who’s always wrong.

But things weren’t supposed to be like this,

This was not the plan.

We were supposed to be filled with bliss

And you would understand me for the way I am.

And I’d understand you too, we’d understand each other.

We were supposed to be the world’s greatest lovers.

But… I guess we can’t be that because it’s over.

So, to the girl who loves me

And to the girl who’ll love me in the future;

Stop right now and get away from me.

I don’t want your heart to become a sad overture.


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