Halloween, Poetry, scary poem

Mr. Billy


Peter, Peter, go to bed.

No mother, I’m not yet dead.

Peter Peter, It’s time to sleep.

No mother, I’m tired of counting sheep.

Peter Peter, listen here.

If you won’t sleep, you’ll die of fear.

Mr. Billy will get you, you’ll see.

He’ll hide you away in his big old tree.

He wears a hat and a coat

And he grins with a gloat.

He has big red eyes

And he smells of pig sty.

Tap, tap, tap, by your window pane.

Black, black, black, you see the stain.

Squeak, squeak, squeak, on the window pane.

Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump, Alas! It’s your name!

You will see his glowing eyes.

You will see his diabolical smile.

He’ll snatch you away with his hook!

He’ll skin you alive for the cover of his book!

So my dear child, sleep now.

Unless you’d want to be slaughtered like a cow.

Close your eyes, I’ll tuck you in.

I’ll keep you safe while you are sleeping.

Mother mother,  I am scared.

Don’t worry my child I am here.

Do you see Mr. Billy and his frightful stare?

No mother, I see your name over there.


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