horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

A Disturbance in Your Slumber


The first night was pretty normal.
Aside from the fact that I woke up
At 3am is quite unusual,
It was the only thing worth bringing up.

The second night was weird.
I felt that someone leered
At me while I was sleeping.
Not to mention this 3am thing is recurring.

The third night I was aghast.
My heart pounded and beated fast.
I heard something or someone breathing.
How is this possible? I live alone, no partner or sibling.

I checked the wall clock and sure as hell,
It’s bloody 3am as the clock could tell.
I closed my eyes and cowered in fear.
I soon fell asleep and woke up realizing I’m still here.

What is this? What is happening?
Why do I keep waking up in the middle of the night?
I sure hope that I’ll be sleeping
As though everything’s alright.

The fourth night was the worst of them all.
In front of me was something big and tall.
It had really long finger nails
And its eyes were shining.
Every part of it was black and it was floating.
It reached for my chest
While diabolically grinning.


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