horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

Noises in the Night


It’s been five years since that day.
When all the colors became grey.
It was a day full of mourning and grief.
I still can’t accept it, due to disbelief.

Mary was the love of my life.
She was the one who brought joy.
Without a second’s pause I made her my wife.
We then thought of names for a girl or boy.

We then had Annabelle who came from above.
We gave her all our support and love.
But she got crushed by a bus.
Mary committed suicide, due to the loss.

Reality has already flew off the window.
Because I live alone in my house of sorrow.
So, why in the hell are there sounds at night?
Something comes out when I douse the lights.

I heard sounds downstairs.
I heard sounds in the dark.
With a hint of cold air.
“Let’s check it out, like a walk in the park.”

I told myself to calm my nerves.
With every bump and boom, my heart skipped a beat.
I was holding my sanity in reserve
Because it was the best thing I could keep.

I went downstairs only to find
Everything were in place
So here I was, stuck in a bind.
“Who ever thought that tricks are a way of solace?”

I turned off the lights
And headed back to my room.
What I saw drove me mad out of fright.
It was my wife and daughter standing in the gloom.


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