horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

Missing Person #51


My favorite place is the park

Because a lot of people pass by.

My spot is by the tree with old barks.

There, I watch mostly with a sigh.

Then, I see someone appealing to my eye.

Long red hair, pear-shaped body.

Pale skin and green eyes,

I stare at the passing beauty.

Then I follow her every step.

I follow her tracks as well as her scent.

Drowning deeper to an unfathomable depth.

It’s time I proceed with my intent.

I picked up the pace

‘Til I was in front of her face.

Then I induced her to a sleep,

Using my chloroform drenched handkerchief.

I then carry her to my truck.

Where I would stuff her in the trunk.

Now that’s done, time to go home.

A place where both of us can be alone.


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