Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem



Have you ever felt afraid of the dark?
Have you ever felt terrified of what might lurk
In the black void of uncertainty?
Well, I’m scared of what could be in the dark with me.

As you’re reading this,
You might be feeling it too.
As you look into the farthest
Corner where no light shines through.

You might be laying in bed or reading on a table.
You might be in a dark room
Or in a place where the light is stable.
It wouldn’t matter because they’re always in the gloom.

I know you know the feeling of being watched.
And I know that feeling gets stronger when you’re in the dark.
The kind of feeling you get when you’re alone at the park.
The feeling that makes you want to run without looking back.

As you navigate your way throughout your house at night,
Especially when there are no lights,
I know you get goosebumps as you blindly walk.
I know you get the feeling that you’re being stalked.

I know you hear noises
As you’re surrounded by darkness.
The kind of sounds that are making its way to you.
And I know you then close your eyes and remain motionless,
In hopes that whatever it is, it wouldn’t harm you.

I know you close your eyes because you can see.
See figures and apparitions where they shouldn’t be.
I know you see them move, just like I do.
I’m pretty sure they can see you too.

And I know while reading this
You could feel it too.
I know you could feel a presence,
Standing next to you.


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