Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

Don’t Turn on the Lights


Are you afraid of the dark?
If you are, you shouldn’t be.
The dark will provide you shelter.
Don’t believe me?

Let me tell you a story of a young boy.
This little kid always played with his toys.
He was just like any normal kid.
But, there was something about him
That he constantly hid.

Little did anyone know,
This child had his personal foe.
An enemy that only comes out at night.
A creature that appears, when there are no lights.

Every time the sun sets,
The child would hide under his sheets.
He was hiding from the monster,
Whose growls were like thunder.

Whose claws were sharp,
Whose teeth were pointy.
In its presence, you’ll feel disturbed
And no longer will you sleep soundly.

The kid could feel the monster was in his room.
It suddenly became cold and he felt an impending doom.
As a shadowy figure began to loom,
The thought of death began to slowly bloom.

In his moment of hysteria,
He reached out for the lamp in his bedroom area.
The light flickered on and with a cold sweat,
The child surveyed his surroundings for any sign of the culprit.

Nothing was there,
Only the cold and damp air.
Relieved, he left the light on,
As he stretched and yawned.

He laid on his side and closed his eyes.
This time, he will surely doze off.
The hour of sleep was surely nigh,
His fear was clearly doffed.

But then a hand grabbed his shoulder.
Hands that were as heavy as a boulder.
Hands with claws, which sinked in his flesh.
He screamed and wailed in terrifying anguish.

“Thanks for turning on the lights.
I wouldn’t have been able to see your bed.
It’s hard to see in the dark, especially in the night.
I wouldn’t have noticed you and you wouldn’t be dead.”

So, the next time you find yourself in a lightless situation,
And you feel that you’re not alone,
It’s much better to leave the lights off
Because the monster can only see you if the lights are on.


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