Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem



We always perceive things with our eyes.
We rely on it in our daily lives.
We use it to see the world and its beauty.
It’s one of the senses that we have in our body.

However, what if you lose a part of it?
Like, being able to see things
But not every detail and every bit?
Now, wouldn’t that discord some of your mental strings?

Like losing the power of recognizing facial features.
Sounds absurd right, right?
Think of your eyes as a camera that manufactures
Faceless peope in pictures.
That certainly wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

Imagine a world where everyone is faceless.
No eyes, no facial hairs, no mouths, no eyebrows and no noses.
That’s something that will drive anyone crazy.
Faceless friends, relatives and family.
Now that, that is something that’s truly scary.


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