Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

She Caught Me Sleeping


I love taking pictures
Of anything under the sun.
Be it nature or the vast waters,
I’ll take a shot of it, then I’m done.

I love taking pictures
Of people as well.
I love the moments when I capture
Stories my photos could tell.

Smiles and happiness,
Grief and sadness.
Corruption and anger.
Poverty and hunger.

But, there are times when my lens,
Snaps a shot of something different.
A photo that wouldn’t makr any sense.
Like the photo of me sleeping in my apartment.

This is impossible, I couldn’t have took this.
I was fast asleep, how could I have shot this?
I typically use my camera and not my phone.
Which makes the photo more weird ’cause I live alone.

I scanned and then found out:
There’s dozens of photos where
I’m sleeping my heart out.
This is really giving me a scare.

I scanned further up to the final picture.
What I saw made me cringe in horror.
It was a picture of a woman inside my apartment.
I knew then, I wasn’t alone at the moment.


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