Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

Sleep Tight, You’re Not Alone Tonight


You get home after a long day at work.
You walk to your door and turn the knob.
You get in and turn on the lights,
Then glance at the clock.
Nine PM, you sure have wasted a lot of time.

You prepare supper all by yourself.
You get the utensils and plate from the shelf.
You sat at the table while munching away.
“It’s too quiet, a lil’ eerie I might say.”

You wash the dishes as you have finished your feast.
Now you’re full and you’d want to slumber like a beast.
You prepare the bath for a relaxing shower.
After this, your day will be over.

You go upstairs and into your room.
You see your wife, sleeping soundly.
“Odd, I didn’t see her silhouette in the gloom.”
But you disregard it and tucked yourself comfortably.

As you switched off the lamp,
You felt the air suddenly became cold and damp.
Your phone vibrates and it says “Message from Honey.”
“I’ll be staying over here at my family.
So don’y stay up and sleep well my hubby!”


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