Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

What Keeps You Up at Night


Every night, I’d hear their cries.
I’d listen to their vociferation all the while.
Though being scared have never been my style,
Saying I wasn’t terrified, would be an obvious lie.

It all began when I got this job.
My task was to rid women of a gift.
A precious treasure, I should’ve never robbed.
I shouldn’t have played the role of a thief.

I would invade their wombs and reach inside.
With gigantic tweezers, I’d grab and pull.
Slowly, the head and limbs would come outside.
I’d then throw the dismembered fetus into a hole.

A hole, full of other babies that were thrown away.
I didn’t mind it before,
I just wanted to survive everyday.
It was simply another chore.

But right now, I wish I didn’t do it.
I regret what I’ve done, every single bit.
I would do anything to make them stop.
They’re driving me crazy, as they twist my door knob.

The banging on my door
And the wails are getting louder.
Suddenly, blood oozes out from my bedroom floor.
I hid under my sheets as I cower.

I took a peek, the walls and ceiling
Were now filled with eyes.
They penetrated through my being,
In an instant, I was hypnotized.

I got up and stepped on the blood-soaked floor.
I slowly made my way to my locked door.
I placed my hand on the handle and turned the knob.
A noose hanged above, seems I have one more job.


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