Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

You are the Ghost


You don’t know what’s going on.
Lately, you’ve been so alone.
You feel like you’re invisible in your home.
It’s like you sinned and it’s something you can’t atone.

Your family treats you like you’re not there.
As though you’re an entity in thin air.
You try to conversate but you can’t abate
This dreading feeling that you’re something they hate.

You look them in the eye,
They just sit there with a sigh.
You went upstairs filled with misery.
You went to your room where you saw mommy.

She was crying, eyes red.
She was hugging your picture while lying in bed.
“What’s wrong Mom? What’s the matter?”
But she just wept with no answer.

You shouted at your mother
But it seemed that it wasn’t even a bother.
You feel like they can’t hear you.
You feel like you’re something they can’t see.

You cry and scream
Due to the unbearable pain.
The pain of not being heard nor seen.
You close your eyes and you wish it’s all a dream.

You open your eyes and everyone’s gone.
You search your house
And you turned every stone.
But it’s deserted, there isn’t even a mouse.

You weep and weep
‘Til your eyes go very deep.
You cry and cry
‘Til you feel like you’re about to die.

Then you saw a light.
You saw it from the corner of your eye.
You stand up and walk towards what’s shining bright.
When you got near, you saw the truth from the lie.

In front of you was a mirror.
It was big and old.
But what you saw – or didn’t saw, made you stop in horror.
You had no reflection, you were dead and cold.


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