Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

You’ve Got Mail


I didn’t sleep well last night.
There were no bed bugs who bite,
And I even turned off the lights.
Still, I was unable to sleep tight.

It felt like I wasn’t alone.
Like someone was with me all along.
Like someone was staring at me,
While I tried to sleep soundly.

I tried to shrug the feeling off,
But it wasn’t effective.
How am I supposed to enjoy my day off,
If a disturbance in my sleep is imminent?

So, I decided to stay indoors,
And let the day pass by.
I’ll just waste away timeby being lazy.
I wouldn’t mind if my day ends as a bore.

I took my laptop and turned it on.
I surfed the internet and listened to some songs.
Went to facebook and posted something on my wall.
Then, I checked my email to see what’s going on.

I checked the inbox and I felt goosebumps.
I received an email from my friend Johnny.
Johnny has been dead for a couple of months.
How is it possible for him to contact me?

I read the mail and this is what it said:
“Hey man, you didn’t greet me.
Did you forget that today is my death anniversary?
So, I decided to visit you while you were asleep.
I stared at you and I listened while you breathed.
Hope I wasn’t a bother, I just wanted to say hi.
So, if you have time, go ahead and drop by.
Don’t forget about me, even though I died.”


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