Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

A Beautiful Work of Art


Be careful of paintings.
Some have the tendency,
To trap you inside, literally.
Let me tell you a story you’ll find worth listening.

When I was kid,
I remember being in an auction bid.
I was with my father then.
I was about nine or ten.

My father won a portrait
Of a man that was simply smiling.
He was wearing a red shirt and he was sitting.
The background was all black, it was acrylic paint.

It was a really creepy work of art.
Every time I looked at it,
My legs would tremble along with my heart.
Even more, the man’s eyes appeared to be moving a bit.

I had a dream.
The man was talking to me
While tears of blood from his eyes streamed.
I woke up, terrified and sweaty.

I then noticed that there was a change.
A change in the painting that was very strange.
The man was now grinning
And I was with him, pulling my eyes out while crying.


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