Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem

Cellular Memory


A man had a heart transplant.
His donor was tagged as anonymous.
The surgery was successful, as he was diagnosed.
He had a second chance at life.

As the weeks pass by, he noticed something different.
He would crave for something abhorrent.
Like the feeling of wanting to drink blood.
Or the feeling of wanting to kill someone is really odd.

He thought of it as nothing.
He shrugged it off.
But, as the months passed by, he was now something.
Something terrible and frightening.

He was now killing people for his cravings.
He was now satisfying the things
That he despised.
He left everyone traumatized.

He killed and ate people
Just for fun.
The bodies that were found in his house piled up and no one
Seemed to care.
They passed his house with the smell of death in the air.

The man went to an insane asylum.
His family checked the records of the donor.
The donor died from apparent suicide in a sanitorium.
He was a serial killer dubbed “The Heart of Horror.”


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