Halloween, horror themed poetry, Poetry, scary poem



Do you like to look at the night sky?
Be honest now, don’t tell a lie.
It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
It’s like a slice of heaven, just a tiny bit.

The stars and the moon are displayed before your eyes.
They twinkle and shine in the night sky.
The cold breeze in the air compliments the mood.
The mood of the night that is oh so good.

As you’re lying down and looking up above.
You see something flying, is that a dove?
It appears to be getting closer.
You stand up, hoping to see it better.

With a cackle and a laugh, you’re petrified with fear,
Because what’s coming for you is closing in near.
You understand what it is and you try to get out of here.
But the Witch caught you and you’re its victim this year.


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